This Ice Cube Tray Has a Clever Feature That Creates, Releases, and Stores Double the Ice With Ease

And it’s just $19 right now.

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ZZWILLB Ice Cube Tray Tout

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Whether you’re trying to fill a cooler for a party or you just need a few cubes to add to your drink, it’s always a pain to reach into the freezer and realize you’re out of ice. And it’s even more annoying to have to take the time to fill the tray up once again. But one simple yet genius invention has arrived to solve that problem for good: the top-rated—and on-sale Zzwillb Ice Cube Tray, which features a lid that, when pressed down, releases and stores double the ice.

Available on Amazon, this game-changing device can make 64 cubes of ice with one press, seriously increasing the amount of time it’ll take before you need to re-up. To use it, just fill both of the two stackable silicone trays with water like you’d do with a traditional ice cube tray, then place them in the freezer. Once the water has frozen solid, flip the trays upside down and press down hard on the lid to release the ice into the bin underneath. As an extra benefit, it even comes with a scoop—especially handy for those with kids who tend to reach right into the tray.

ZZWILLB Ice Cube Tray


To buy: $19 (was $21);

In addition to its convenience, the ice cube tray is easy to clean thanks to its non-stick surface. It’s also BPA-free and available in different colors like pink, green, blue, and orange, as well as a few options with different amounts of ice cubes. Despite its multiple layers, it won’t take up much room in the freezer, because it’s only  10 inches wide and six inches tall. Best of all, though, is its lower-than-ever price: Currently, the tray is 10 percent off, so you can snag it for just $19. 

Plenty of Amazon shoppers have left stellar reviews for the tray. “This is great for someone who doesn't have an ice maker,” wrote one person. They added that “the ice is very easy to pop out and store in the container.” Another person called it “amazing,” writing that they “love how it's so compact and how everything fits together.” A third person called it a “game changer,” explaining that “it makes life so much easier” because they “don't have to wait for water to freeze to make multiple drinks.”

It’s the perfect time to pick up the  Zzwillb stackable ice cube tray and let it work its magic in your home. While it’s just $19, try out the tray for yourself and get ready for easy entertaining all spring and summer long.

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