My Weekday Dinners Were Limited Until This Smart Meat Thermometer Transformed My Cooking

I’m a much better chef now.

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Yummly Smart Meat Thermometer with Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

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I’ve recently started cooking at home much more, but there’s one category I’ve always avoided: Meat. Not for vegetarian or vegan reasons, no. Cooking meat always intimidated me because I was afraid of undercooking my chicken and making myself sick or overcooking it and making my dish…rubbery. Needless to say, I spent a very happy few years as a post-grad buying pre-cooked entrées or throwing every vegetable I own into an air fryer to call it a meal.

Enter the Yummly Smart Meat Thermometer from KitchenAid. This stainless steel thermometer connects via Bluetooth to the accompanying app, which not only tells you how to get the perfect medium-rare steak (relished by yours truly), but it also has built-in timers and assisted cooking programs for poultry, fish, and beef that tell you when to flip your filet, when to let it rest, and more. When I received this handy kitchen tool as a sample for review, it couldn’t have made it any easier for me to ease into cooking meat without immediately calling my mom in a panic (“a little pink is good, right?”) because it practically does all the work for me. 

Yummly Smart Meat Thermometer with Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity


To buy: $80 (was $100);

The device itself is completely wireless. It comes with a sleek magnetic charging dock that you can even attach to your fridge, pleasing my tidy  tendencies. Snag it for yourself—or for a graduation present, housewarming, or even wedding gift—from Amazon while it’s on sale for 20 percent off.

Better yet, the Yummly Smart Meat Thermometer is made for multi-taskers with its timers and programs. As I’ve learned how to cook more for myself, I generally struggle with timing: when to put in the rice and the Brussels sprouts if I want my tilapia to be crispy by the time I plate it all. And yes, I’ve burned quite a few meals by getting distracted on a side dish and forgetting to pull out my meat in time. Having the app tell me exactly what to do makes me feel so much more secure while I’m cooking and less overwhelmed, a quality which has been important to me in solidifying the habit rather than defaulting to mac ‘n cheese from the box (which there is a time and a place for). 

Your phone connects up to 150 feet away, too, meaning I can switch my laundry or run to grab a forgotten grocery bag from the car without, uh, starting a kitchen fire.

The app interface itself is lovely and clean, making it easy and intuitive to flick through the options and set up the thermometer itself. It was a bit tricky to pair at first, (at least for me) but was practically effortless once I had it connected. The thermometer will continuously monitor your food. I most often use it while cooking with a skillet or pan-frying on the stove, but you can use the Yummly Smart Meat Thermometer on the grill or in the oven too. 

The Yummly Smart Meat Thermometer transformed my weekday dinners, making me more confident in cooking meat for myself and attempting to recreate some of my mom’s famous dishes. It’s easy to use, looks attractive in my kitchen, and does all the legwork of getting my steak to my ideal temperature. I especially adore that it tells me when to flip and rest my meat, too. I no longer stress about cooking times and completing multiple dishes at once—and I sure don’t miss the frustration of messing up my entrée and having to default to a microwave meal anyway. The Yummly Smart Meat Thermometer does an amazing job at erasing a lot of the learning curve. 

Act now to snag the Yummly Smart Meat Thermometer for yourself while it’s 20 percent off on Amazon.

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