Organize Your Freezer With This Genius—and On-Sale—Mold That Creates Stackable Blocks of Frozen Food

The now-$17 gadget makes the most out of meal prep.

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Target Freezer Mold

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Making a big batch of freezer-friendly meals and thawing them when you’re ready to enjoy is a cost-effective way to enjoy homemade dishes. However, freezer space is in high demand and can quickly fill up with frozen meals, treats, and anything else you might keep in the ice box. While there are many storage solution options for organizing the fridge—the freezer can be tricky. One way to cut back on space and effectively store all your freshly made recipes? Use the Youcopia Freezeup Food Block Maker, which is currently 15 percent off at Target. 

It’s a simple process to make perfectly formed rectangular blocks of food. Simply place a gallon food storage bag in the plastic mold, fill it up with whatever food you want to save, and let it freeze in the standing position. Once frozen, the newly formed food blacks are easy to remove; just unhook the two silicone straps around the middle of the mold, and it’ll open up revealing a perfectly formed block of food. It’s an easy solution for storing soups, sauces, juices, and hearty meals in a more organized, space-saving way. 

Target Freezer Mold


To buy: $17 (was $20);

The mold functions sort of like an extra-large ice cube maker, creating 2-inch blocks of food that can then be labeled and neatly stacked on top of each other to free up room and make them easier to access. That also means no more forgotten, freezer burnt meals in the back of the ice box. Plus, the nature of placing a plastic bag inside the mold instead of pouring in open food means that the mold stays clean and doesn’t need a wash between uses, though several reviewers confirm it is easy to clean if need be. 

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One reviewer needed to freeze a large amount of lemon and orange juice once their citrus trees were ripe. They used the freezer mold to store away all their extra juice and said, “It makes finding things in my freezer so much easier.” Beyond fresh juice, the customer also said they use the freezer mold for soups, spaghetti sauce, and more.

Give your freezer the organizing overhaul it deserves with the Youcopia Freezeup Food Block Maker on sale at Target for $17. 

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