Dodge explosive political opinions, discourage indiscriminate tagging, and evade uncomfortable moments—all while keeping your online friendships intact.

By Melanie Mannarino
January 19, 2016

Social media platforms try to help: They allow us to “unfollow” someone without unfriending, to “block” their posts from our feed, even to “report” on something we find offensive. But when you’re staring at a social flare-up from the comfort of your own glowing screen, it only takes a few keystrokes to upend a relationship that you value. “When things are posted in real time, the inclination is to respond in real time,” says New York City psychoanalyst Rachel Blakeman, “and it becomes this urgent, not-well-thought-out situation. But usually when you take a step back to think, the urgency to deal with it falls away.” And calmer heads prevail.

Follow our expert advice for some of the most common scenarios. You’ll be able to dodge social media land mines and take control of your feed at the same time—without unfriending anyone online or IRL.

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