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5 Things to Say When You Have No Words

When someone you love suffers a painful loss, it’s hard to know what to do. These deep thinkers offer sage suggestions.

How to Handle 5 Super-Awkward Social Media Snafus

Dodge explosive political opinions, discourage indiscriminate tagging, and evade uncomfortable moments—all while keeping your online friendships intact.

Common RSVP Traps (and How to Avoid Them)

The bottom line for responding to a party invitation politely is this: RSVP ASAP—as in within a day or two. But when your answer isn’t a clear-cut yes or no—well, that’s when things get sticky. Jodi R. R. Smith, the founder of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting, demystifies murky scenarios.

6 Polite and Graceful Ways to Handle Even the Most Awkward Conversations

Caught in the middle of painful chitchat? Turn things around—or making a smooth and subtle escape—with these savvy tactics (because sliding into the hedges Homer Simpson–style isn’t always an option).

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5 Ways to (Subtly) Change the Topic of Conversation

What’s worse? Being (a) trapped in an elevator, (b) stuck on a train, or (c) stranded in a tiresome—or contentious—cocktail-party discussion? If you answered (c), read below. Five savvy experts, including a former FBI special agent and a bar manager, divulge their finest conversational exit strategies.

How to Untangle Any Conflict

How do you settle a disagreement, personal or professional, when you’re feeling angry, frustrated, and emotional? Five simple steps will help you work―calmly―through a dispute.