How do you cope with an overly-perfumed coworker or an under-deodorized person at the gym? Don't plug your nose—the experts have better solutions.

By Real Simple
Updated March 12, 2015
Alyce Jones

Strong odors in small spaces are hard to handle, but it's awkward to approach a coworker about her strong perfume, or ask a seat-mate on the plane to put away his smelly lunch. Enter Real Simple's new podcast, "I Want to Like You," hosted by our editor-in-chief Kristin van Ogtrop, which helps listeners deal with every type of irritating person. This week, van Ogtrop calls on Dr. Michael Cunningham, professor and psychologist in the Department of Communication at the University of Louisville, and Diane Gottsman, author, blogger, and owner of The Protocol School of Texas. While Cunningham helps you figure outwhy certain smells can suffocate you (it's called "social allergy"), Gottsman offers practical etiquette solutions to help you cope with the odors. Tip from Gottsman: If someone says, "I love your perfume!" that means it's too strong.

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