It’s hard to unwind at the spa when all you’re thinking about is how much to tip. Here’s a guide on how much to tip for massage and other spa services.

By Cari Wira Dineen
February 08, 2018

Massages soothe sore muscles and can help relax you—it’s no wonder they’re growing in popularity. The rise of massage franchise locations and day spas, as well as new and innovative varieties of massage, such as hot stone, shiatsu, or Thai, points to a growing trend: More and more people are opting to include massage and spa therapies into their lifestyle.

"Whether you get a massage on a regular basis or view it as an occasional treat, it’s important to know that tipping for your massage is considered proper etiquette,” says Sharon Schweitzer, international etiquette expert and the founder of Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide. “Because a massage therapist or aesthetician is providing a service, you should tip them in addition to the cost of your service.” Keep in mind that when you get a massage or facial at a spa, you're paying the spa for the service you receive from the aesthetician. While he or she receives a portion of your payment, the therapist is not being paid directly by you. “The bottom line is that your tip helps your massage therapist’s bottom line—they count on gratuities as income,” says says Daniel Post, spokesperson for the Emily Post Institute.

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