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Updated May 05, 2009
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Q. Can I acknowledge that a gift recipient didn't send a thank-you card?

Anne Scarcella

Houston, Texas

A. Sending a thank-you note is one of the first things learned in Etiquette 101; if you don’t receive one, you may wonder whether a gift even arrived.  After about two weeks, go ahead and phone the recipient to check in. (Give newlyweds and new moms a while longer.) When you call, simply say, “I sent you a gift a couple of weeks ago and just wanted to make sure you received it.” That way, you’re not asking for a thank-you note, but at the same time you’re giving a reminder to send one. “When you give a gift, a thank-you note acts like a receipt and closes the social circuit,” says Jodi R. R. Smith, author of From Clueless to Class Act: Manners for the Modern Woman (Sterling Publishing, $10,

If you gave the gift in person and see the recipient regularly, it’s fine to bring up the topic the next time you see him or her. Simply ask if the gift was to the person’s taste, and offer a gift receipt if it was not. ―Kristin Appenbrink

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