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What Life Really Looks Like

Here's What a Day at the Beach Really Looks Like

It's not all crystal clear water and piña coladas.

Here’s What People Would Really Do If They Won the Lottery

Spoiler: It involves paying off debt and buying lots of puppies. 

Here's What Happens When You Leave Your Kids Alone for Two Minutes

Every parent knows that when things are too quiet, the kids are up to no good. Follow us at @WomenIRL for more hilarious moments like these, and tag your own photos #WomenIRL! 

These Hilarious Pumpkin Carving Fails Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own

Not everything can be Pinterest-perfect (and why should it be?)

6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Real Simple’s mission, through its 16 years, has been to simplify your life with smart finds like these.

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11 Hysterical Notes That Illustrate the Reality of Parenthood

These notes are totally adorable—and relatable.

Is Instagram Making You Gain Weight?

When it comes to food porn, looking (but not touching) can catch up to your waistline.

12 Parenthood Disasters That Prove You're Not Alone

Because being a parent can be messy.

14 Inspirational Books for Women

Notable female authors and influencers—from Emma Donoghue to Tamron Hall—share what books they think every woman should have on their reading list. 

How to Stop Procrastinating

We’ve all been there: You have a deadline that is weeks ahead, and you’re very comfortable with how much time you have to complete your task. Suddenly, the due date looms nearer and nearer, but you continually put off the work until it’s midnight the night before it’s due! We’re all guilty of procrastinating, whether it’s on a project, on cleaning our bathroom, on planning our event, or on basic tasks, like finally going grocery shopping. What is often harder than actually completing the task is figuring out how to stop procrastination before it starts. As your to-do list continues to grow, the job can become even more daunting (which is why we start procrastinating in the first place… we’re too intimidated by the task!) How do we motivate ourselves to get moving early in the process, and complete a project in a reasonable amount of time? We asked seven organized, motivated experts to share their best tactics to tune out the distractions and stay on task—and how to bring yourself back into focus after you’ve strayed away from your to-do list. Follow their simple, yet effective advice, and you certain to end up being the most productive person in the office!

10 Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

Night owls, rejoice: You, too, can wake up bright–eyed and bushy–tailed. Here’s how to make it happen.

12 Laundry Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Are you using too much detergent? Overloading the washer? Overdoing the bleach? Find out the answers to these questions and more, and pick up some smart laundry tips in the bargain.

5 Mistakes Everyone Should Make

Five successful people, ranging from a noted psychologist to a legendary tastemaker, describe their most startling (and most revealing) blunders.

8 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

From faulty dusting to defective dishwashing, common blunders can muck up even your best efforts. Use these pros’ smart suggestions over the holidays and every day to save you time and trouble.

8 Mistakes Everyone Makes At a First Job (and How to Avoid Them)

Enter your first day of work with confidence.

10 Makeup Mistakes That Can Age You

Beauty blunders—from meager brows to harshly lined lips—that can make you look older than you are.

7 Common Cooking Mistakes

An innocent error can easily lead to a disappointing dish―here, how to prevent overcrowded pans, recipe missteps, and more.

How to Fix 13 Common Thanksgiving Problems

A guide to get you over some of the holiday dinner’s most common hurdles.

5 Common Interview Mistakes

Your handshake is firm, your eye contact is exceptional, and your thank-you notes are the perfect mix of professionalism and personality. But hold on: Are you bringing in a Big Gulp?! Experts share the less obvious uh-ohs that could derail your chances.    

6 Grammar Mistakes Even Smart People Make

Make fewer (or is it less?!) errors with these expert tips.

How to Clean Up the 5 Most Annoying Kid Messes

Poop happens. Sometimes in the bathtub. Read these tips, so—after you freak out (obviously)—you can handle any icky mess, from poop to play dough, like a pro. Looking for help with the classic stains, like ketchup, grass, and chocolate ice cream? Find that info here.

How to Fix 17 Basic Cooking Mistakes

Do you always burn the garlic or turn pasta into a gummy mess? Learn how to avoid these all-too-common cooking mistakes.

8 Plants You’ll Barely Need to Water

Two experts share their favorite drought-tolerant plants that will make your life easier (and help you save water)!

How to Remove Every Type of Stain, in One Simple Chart

An at-a-glance guide to every spill imaginable.

Easy Fixes for 8 Common Kitchen Mishaps

How to salvage overcooked chicken, a crumbly cake, mushy vegetables, and more.

7 Office Plants You Won’t Kill

Fill your workspace with some greenery—it might make your workday better. Christopher Satch, The Sill’s in-house plant expert, shares the best office plants that can withstand limited sunlight, freezing temps (thanks to that overzealous office AC), and little water.

14 Amazon Shopping Tricks Everyone Should Know 

You already know about all the secret perks that come with a Prime membership, but some of these lesser-known shopping tips can help save more money (and you don’t even need Prime!). 

Zappos Shopping Tips That Save Time and Money

These online shopping hacks will help you get the best deals on everything Zappos has to offer. 

10 Sephora Shopping Hacks That Will Save You Money (Almost) Every Time

You go in looking for an eyeliner... you walk out with two, plus a new foundation, and a nude lipstick that's somehow different from the other six you have rolling around in your purse. We get how easy it is to spend a small fortune even when you "just browse" at Sephora, which is why we rounded up a few tricks to help you save. 

6 Laundry Tricks to Make the Task So Much Easier

If your washer seems to be running around the clock, use these laundry hacks to stay organized and save time. 

10 Cheap Organizing Hacks for a Clutter-Free Home

Create order out of chaos with creative, low-cost—or, even better, no-cost!—DIY ideas.

The One Mistake You’re Making With Your Scrambled Eggs

It may be time to re-think your technique. 

How to Go Gray Gracefully

Aura Friedman, a hairstylist at the Sally Hershberger Downtown salon, in New York City, shares her advice.