If they’re clean and in good condition, there’s another home waiting for them.

By Adam Bluestein
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Frances Janisch

  • To find a Goodwill location near you, call 800-664-6577 or go to goodwill.org.
  • For the Salvation Army, call 800-958-7825 to ask about home pickups in your area. Go to salvationarmy.org for a list of drop-off locations (click on "About Us," then "FAQs," then "Donations," then look under "Goods").
  • Vietnam Veterans of America picks up donations of clothing and other household items in 28 states. Go to clothingdonations.com for information.
  • For tips on selling your stuff on-line, read eBay for Dummies, 4th Edition, or The Official eBay Guide to Buying, Selling, and Collecting Just About Anything, $15, amazon.com.