And you get to choose what stays and what goes.

By Liz Steelman
Updated January 10, 2017
Monopoly Gameboard
Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Did the 2013 replacement of Monopoly’s iron token with a cat leave you steaming? Well, you now have the chance to straighten things out again. Hasbro announced today that it’s letting Monopoly fans vote on which eight tokens will be featured in the upcoming version of the classic board game. That’s right: the Scottie dog, top hat, car, thimble, boot, wheelbarrows, battleship, and cat all could be replaced with new tokens come August.

Fans can vote for their favorite of 64 tokens from now until January 31st at The classic tokens are represented: the wheel barrow, hat, boot, battleship, car, thimble, Scottie, and cat. Hasbro told that some old favorites will also get their chance to return to the game box, such as the penguin and cowboy hat, But, sorry Monopoly purists, the iron is not up for debate. If you want one for your token set, you’ll have to buy one on Amazon.

There are both antique-inspired tokens to choose from (typewriter, key, wheel, pocket watch, rotary phone, watch, gramophone, and camera), as well as digital updates (hashtag, cell phone, computer, and tv). There’s also a highly diverse selection of animals: horse, rooster, rabbit, fish, T. Rex, and tortoise. Looking for a quirky selection? Choose from a rubber ducky, a loaf of sliced bread, a pair of bunny slippers, or rain boots. And, of course, what would an update be without a plethora of emojis to pick from? There are options for crying with laughter, kissy face, smiley face, thumbs up, wink face, and even a Mr. Monopoly emoji.

Hasbro will announce the eight winners on March 19th—World Monopoly Day. The tokens will start to appear in new games come August. If you’re not so psyched about playing with eight all new tokens, don’t worry: A spokesperson from Hasbro told in an e-mail that the original tokens could make an appearance in future versions of the game. However, the tokens included in the next version of the game will depend on the fan vote.

Passionate about keeping things the same? Or want a set that’s just emojis? Make sure you vote! It’s sure to be a fight as competitive as, well, playing Monopoly with your family.