A new online test is baffling even vocab buffs.

By Liz Steelman
Updated July 13, 2016
H. Armstrong Roberts/Getty Images

What’s the synonym of quash? How about incipient? If you know the answers to these vocabulary questions you might have a gargantuan vocabulary. That is, at least according to a viral quiz that's been popping up all over Real Simple editors' news feeds.

The quiz on arealme.com claims to measure English vocabulary size by asking users to identify the correct synonym or antonym of a given word from a list of four options. According to the website, the quiz is modeled on “academic research and online resources.” They warn that even if you are a native English speaker, the test can be challenging. Take the quiz here.

Not happy with your results? You may want to peruse a hefty, archaic novel, which might have a salubrious effect on your vocab size. Or add some spelling bee winning words to your repertoire. Good on vocab but need to brush up on your grammar? Here, 6 grammar mistakes even smart people make.