The U.S. Postal Service is celebrating summer by introducing a fragrant new line of stamps.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated May 23, 2018

Summer is quickly approaching, and even the U.S. Postal Service is celebrating. The agency has announced that it will be issuing sweet-scented postage stamps: the first scratch-and-sniff stamps in the USPS’s history.

According to the official announcement, the stamps “will add the sweet scent of summer to letters,” courtesy of the fragrant coating they’re printed with. The stamps will depict playful watercolor illustrations of ice pops (a.k.a. popsicles), with two different pops per stamp. There are 10 stamp designs total featuring 20 distinct treats in a range of shapes and flavors, though no word on whether each stamp will smell different based on the pop it depicts.

The illustrations are by Margaret Berg of Santa Monica, California, and the stamps were designed by art director Antonio Alcalá with Leslie Badani, both of Alexandria, Virginia.

The stamps can be pre-ordered now, though they won’t be officially issued until June 20—the day before the first day of summer. (The USPS will be hosting a free dedication ceremony that day in Austin, Texas.) Named Frozen Treats, the stamps are available in books of 20 stamps, for $10 per book, and are issued as First-Class Mail Forever stamps, meaning they’ll always be equal in value to the current First-Class Mail one-ounce price. (So they’ll be usable even if postal rates change.)

A good scratch-and-sniff can make any mail-related task fun—even if it’s something like paying bills or writing thank-you notes (or, more likely, overseeing kids writing long-overdue thank-you notes). The USPS released commemorative stamps celebrating the Year of the Dog earlier this year and has quite the assortment of colorful stamps, but these have a whimsical twist that will make all your summer correspondence a little more seasonal. (Plus, they will smell wonderful—something no other USPS stamp can claim.) Even if you aren’t sending much snail mail these days, maybe this new playful postage will give you a new reason to put pen to paper.