By Joyce Bautista
November 12, 2014
David Prince

What you need: A pillowcase, two 16-inch pieces of ribbon, scissors, a pencil, and a ruler.
What you do: 
1. For the neck hole, cut a shallow scoop (about 10 inches long and 2 inches deep at its center) from the middle of the closed top edge of the pillowcase. Make sure your child's head fits through the hole, and adjust if necessary.
2. For the armholes, cut another shallow scoop (about 5½ inches long and ½ inch deep at its center) from each long edge of the pillowcase, starting an inch or so below the top edge.
3. Thread a piece of ribbon into each armhole and out the neck. Tie bows, gathering the fabric a bit. More than a decorative touch, the ribbons will help keep the smock from slipping off your child's shoulders.
Also works with: Two bath towels. Just add a few simple sewing steps, or use the button technique from the apron project.