Yea, we’ve been there too...

By Real Simple
Updated January 31, 2017

Feel you’re growing apart? Fear the love is gone? Need to get out of a relationship ASAP? We at Real Simple are here to help you extricate yourself from a lackluster relationship. You know, the kind you might have started with the best of intentions on, say, January 1? In “The Breakup,” we give you a play-by-play transcript (so you don’t have to, er, sweat the details).

Stay strong. You can do this:

Look, we need to talk.
We’ve had a good run,
but I really don’t see a future together.
My friends said you were just what I needed.
And you’d make me feel better about myself!
You know I was never comfortable with how fast you were moving.
I just couldn’t keep up.
It was a cycle with you, the same thing over and over and over again.
I mean, you did take my breath away.
But you wore me down!
You need someone who’s on the exact same, very straight path you’re on.

Curious who we’re breaking up with? Check out the video above to see.