Art enthusiasts should head to Chicago for this once-in-a-lifetime rental.

By Sarah Yang
Updated February 12, 2016

Vincent Van Gogh is renting out his bedroom on Airbnb—well, sort of. The Art Institute of Chicago has commissioned a replica of the artist’s famous bedroom to promote its newest exhibit, which debuts on February 14. The museum will display three versions of Van Gogh’s The Bedroom together for the first time in North America, along with 36 of his other paintings, drawings, and illustrated letters that explore the motif of home.

The Airbnb listing was posted on the site by “Vincent Van Gogh,” and it's pretty spot-on: the colors, the paint textures, the furniture, and even the smallest decor details, from the vases and pitcher on the nightstand to the slightly askew frames. There's a two-person maximum occupancy and visitors can stay the night for less than $20. The "artist" writes in the description, "I’m charging $10 for no other reason than that I need to buy paint. However, I will be happy to provide you with tickets to my exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago." The room, which is located in an apartment building on the museum’s campus, has all the amenities: Wi-Fi, cable TV, access to a kitchen, a doorman, and even a pool and gym.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any available dates left in February to rent this listing, but the museum announced on its Facebook page that it will be accepting reservations for March starting the last week of February. Check out the listing here and bookmark for later this month.