The sneakiest travel scams in Europe, exposed. 

By Real Simple
Updated February 23, 2016
Steve Gorton and Karl Shone/Getty Images

Your bags are packed and that vacation you spent countless hours planning months ago is finally within reach. But in the midst of your vacation bliss, don’t forget that there could be criminals who want to advantage of unsuspecting, unguarded tourists.

Sure, you’ve heard a long list of safety tips before: don’t accept a lift from the average Joe offering rides at the airport, use extra caution when traveling alone, use ATMs in well-lit, busy areas... the list goes on and on. But using your common sense won’t always help you avoid some of the sneakier travel scams out there.

The good news? Staying up-to-date on the most common travel scams thieves are relying on right now can help you avoid any mishaps that could not only ruin your vacation but also leave you reeling for months afterwards. Here, AIG shares the most common travel scams in Europe this year: