Head to these budget-friendly spots.

Chicago skyline
Credit: darekm101/Getty Images

With summer vacation planning underway, you might want to consider some budget-friendly destinations. Cheapflights.com compared average airfares for the 50 most popular destinations this year to average airfares from January through April over the last five years. From this data, the travel site concluded that flights to popular destinations are cheaper than previous years.

Cheapflights.com also found that fares to certain cities have dropped significantly over the past year. Chicago may be a good place to fly this summer, with airfares down 41 percent compared to last year’s average. Exotic destinations like Sydney, Australia, San José, Costa Rica, and Bangkok, Thailand have also seen significant decreases in fares, which is perfect if you’ve been dreaming of a faraway getaway this summer.

Check out the top 10 destinations with low airfares below, plus the percentage decrease from last year:

  1. Chicago, Illinois: down 41%
  2. Florida: down 25-35% depending on destination
  3. New York, New York: down 31%
  4. Atlanta, Georgia: down 28%
  5. Los Angeles, California: down 27%
  6. London, England: down 29-33% depending on airport
  7. Sydney, Australia: down 33%
  8. San Jose, Costa Rica: down 31%
  9. Bangkok, Thailand: down 26%
  10. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: down 31%

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