Avoid it if you can.

By Melanie Lieberman
Updated June 01, 2016
The dry air on a plane can be a quick path to skin irritation, says Dr. Julia Tzu, the founder and medical director of Wall Street Dermatology. "Since we can't bring a humidifier with us on the plane, a hydrating moisturizer is the simple solution to looking refreshed even when we travel," says Tzu.But those with more oily skin may have the opposite problem, especially on long flights when you aren't able to do your typical before-bed wash. In that case, Tzu recommends using a cleansing water to wash up. Oil absorbing sheets can also help with oil control. No oil absorbing pads on hand? Opt for a tissue in a pinch. And no matter what your skin type, you should always drink plenty of water to stay hydrated for healthy skin, says Tzu.
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This article originally appeared on Travel + Leisure.

There are a few airports you may want to avoid this summer. But according to MilesCards.com, none are as miserable as Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey.

On Wednesday, MilesCards.com released their annual report ranking U.S. airports by delays for the summer season. They evaluated the 50 busiest airports for everything from on-time arrivals, how long it takes to get a taxi out, and (our favorite) their Misery Score.

The honor of having the highest Misery Score is earned by having the lowest on-time ranking (on average, only 68.4 percent of flights flying into Newark arrive on time) having one of the longest wait-times for takeoff, and being one of the slowest airports for getting to the gate after landing.

Newark secured the title with a total of 95 points out of a 100, though LaGuardia, Chicago O’Hare, and New York’s Kennedy Airport all tied for second with a score of 94.

Unfortunately for this East Coast hub, it’s not the first time it’s landed on a naughty list. T+L readers called it one of the worst in the country for—you guessed it—“miserable check-in and security lines.”

Things were already starting to look a little glum for summer travel this year, in part because of the outrageous security lines extending for three hours or more. But keep in mind that June is always the worst month on the calendar for flight delays at U.S. airports, thanks to thunderstorms and the massive influx of travelers.

If you’re traveling this summer, MileCards.com points out that San Jose and Portland are the least miserable airports. So avoid the worst airports in the country for flight delays at all costs and, you know, maybe consider taking that road trip you’ve always dreamed of.