Secure the best deals on Thanksgiving flights by booking before this November date.

By Rachel Sylvester
October 30, 2019
Getty Images

Still have yet to book your Thanksgiving travel? You're certainly not alone, but you should get a move on, according to the travel booking experts at Hopper. The flight-predicting pros recently revealed the very last day to score affordable Thanksgiving airfare is no later than November 7—a mere three weeks before Turkey Day.

According to Hopper's Guide to 2019 Thanksgiving Travel, Thanksgiving airfare will start high and remain high throughout the holiday, which is why the booking experts are advising travelers to purchase flights in October for the best possible deals. With November nearly upon us, that means Thanksgiving travelers have to act fast.

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Hopper's travel guide estimates that flight prices will change over 100 times between now and Thanksgiving, and will begin to steadily increase after the first week of November. Those travelers who plan to get out of town the Sunday or Monday before Thanksgiving Thursday should experience savings of up to 20 percent off peak travel prices.

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It's expected that international travelers will see stable prices on Thanksgiving airfare, but Hopper advises domestic travelers to book sooner rather than later for the best deals on flights. Planning to pack your bags this upcoming holiday? Consider Hopper's Thanksgiving travel tips below before you gear up for a Thanksgiving away.

The Best Time to Book Your Flight

Want to secure a great deal on your Thanksgiving flights? Hopper advises Turkey Day trotters book their airline tickets in October for optimal prices. Once Halloween is through, Hopper predicts that November 7 will be the final day in which to purchase affordable flights before prices begin to spike. After the first week of November, it's expected that flight prices will soar by at least $10 per day throughout the remainder of the holiday season.

Choose Your Departure Date Wisely

Domestic travelers should take their departure dates into consideration in order to save some serious cash. Depart on Thanksgiving Day or Monday, November 25, and it's estimated that you'll save $77 per ticket on average, compared to flying on peak travel days during the week of Thanksgiving.

Skip the Family Sleepover for Better Hotel Deals

"Hotels often have a difficult time filling rooms over Thanksgiving and Christmas with so many travelers staying with family or friends," said Hopper in a statement. As a result of fewer hotel-bound travelers, you'll likely see more discounted rooms at affordable rates. Staying put over the holidays? Take this time to plan a much-needed staycation close to home. Hopper predicts hotel prices for Thanksgiving and Christmas will be 8 to 10 percent lower than everyday rates.