Always searching for the best deal? Your research stops here. 

By Brigitt Earley
Updated April 20, 2016
Tetra Images/Getty Images

Finding the best travel deals can be tricky at best. But now, thanks to new data from, you can stop checking airline websites on a daily basis and cancel all those price alerts you set. The travel site's newly released data comes in an easy-to-read calendar format, so you can see the cheapest—and most expensive—days to travel from June through September.

Though deals can be had all summer long, the data shows you're most likely to find the best ticket prices later in the summer, during August and September. In fact, flyers will save an average of $42 if they travel in August instead of July.

Itching to get away sooner? Go in June rather than July, when fares tend to reach their summer peak. Or try scheduling your trip around the least expensive dates each month: June 1, July 26, August 31, and September 20.

The day of the week you fly also affects the price you get: Sunday is generally the most expensive day of the week to travel. You'll save an average of $88 by flying on a Wednesday instead. In July, you'll save even more—$104—by flying on a Tuesday.

And, finally, plan your weekend away when other people aren't planning their own travels. Translation: Avoid holiday weekends. July 4 and Labor Day are typically busy and expensive travel times. If you must fly during those dates, book early and travel on July 4 to avoid fare spikes.