The 2016 rankings are in just in time for the holiday travel rush. 

By Brigitt Earley
Updated December 17, 2015
Airport Terminal
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For many, there's only one thing that stands between them and getting home for the holidays: the airport. Though your travel plans are likely set in stone, a new analysis from, a leading website for travel news and deals, ranking the best—and worst—airports in the United States can still help prepare you for a good—or bad—travel experience. And, for those of you who haven't yet booked travel, let this data inform your decision.

The study, which examined the 30 busiest U.S. airports using data from the Federal Aviation Administration, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, J.D. Power, Google Maps, and the airports’ official websites, takes into account nine factors: flight delays, cancelations, average security wait times, distance from the city center, public transit options, bars/restaurants, lounges, WiFi costs, and parking rates.

Convenience was given the most weight—that includes things like getting to where you're going on time (that is, after all, the whole point of flying) and the ease of getting to the airport by car or public transportation. Secondary factors included amenities, like restaurants and lounges, as well as fees for parking and WiFi.

Here, the best airports in the United States:

1. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
2. Portland (Oregon) International Airport
3. San Diego International Airport
4. Salt Lake City International Airport
5. Honolulu International Airport

And the worst airports in the United States:

1. Detroit Metropolitan Airport
2. Chicago O’Hare International Airport
3. Newark Liberty International Airport
4. John F. Kennedy International Airport
5. LaGuardia Airport