Goodbye snowshoes, hello flip-flops.

By Liz Steelman
Updated February 16, 2016
Aaron Foster/Getty Images

If you’ve been contemplating spring break travel plans, it may be time to start packing your bags. This year, spring break fares are 13 percent lower than they were in 2015, according to a new study from Hopper, an airfare prediction app.

Skip the "far-flung" destinations, and take direct flights for the cheapest fares. Flights to certain cities—including Fort Myers, Miami, Honolulu, and Kahului—are expected to be discounted between 17 and 23 percent for travel during March and April. But keep in mind those are some of the most popular spring break destinations, alongside San Diego, San Juan, Cancun and Orlando. For a less crowded locale with a great deal, try Cabo, Daytona Beach or Cozumel instead.

You should also plan to take your break in early March or late April to avoid peak school-vacation weeks like March 23rd and April 6th. If you’re planning to travel during the week of March 30th, be prepared to pay a 45 percent premium for your ticket.

No flexibility on dates? There are still ways to save money on your trip. First of all, buy early. Purchase flights no later than two weeks prior to your departure date to save an average of 33 percent on your ticket. And resist the urge to travel spontaneously—booking within three days of your flight can tack on 66 percent more to your ticket price.

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