Give your body a break during a flight—long or short—with these expert-approved air travel tips.

By Katelyn Chef
Updated February 19, 2019

No matter the duration of your next flight, one thing is for sure: We all want to be comfy and content while we’re stuck on an airplane. Love it or hate it, airplane travel is a necessity when it comes to both work and pleasure, and putting air travel tips to work is key to helping you make every moment as comfortable as possible. So your bags are checked, you’ve triple-checked what can be carried on an airplane, your boarding pass is scanned, and you have your travel-ready neck pillow in tow—now it’s time to study up on the right air travel tips.

Whether you’re jetting off for a bit of spring break recreation or heading somewhere for work, we have a few air travel tips to make your next flight is the most comfortable travel ride yet. Up, up, and away!

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