Think of it as a Black Friday for plane tickets. 

By Grace Elkus
Updated November 28, 2017
Turkish Airlines charter airplane is landing to Antalya International Airport
Credit: Getty Images

While it’s not easy to do, if there’s one type of discount that gets us even more excited than a Cyber Monday Amazon bargain, it’s a discounted flight. And if you’re like us, we have good news: flights are likely to be deeply discounted today, Tuesday, Nov. 28, according to airfare tracking app Hopper. Think of it as a Black Friday for flights.

Hopper analyzed historical flight pricing data and found that sales spike significantly the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Because of this, they have named today “Travel Deal Tuesday.” In 2015, fare sale activity spiked six times the normal volume, and in 2016, sale activity more than doubled. So whether you’re planning a spring vacation or are in need of a Christmas gift for your jet-setting friend, the time to buy is now.

The deals aren’t simply coincidental. According to Hopper, airlines tend to offer major discounts after Thanksgiving because many people have already booked their holiday travel, so demands taper off. The deals encourage people to think about purchasing more tickets.

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Some of the best international round-trip flights that Hopper predicts will be available are to Toronto for $300, to Cancun for $313, and to Beijing for $529. Hoping to catch a glimpse of the newly engaged Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? A round-trip flight to London will average $594 today. Domestic deals will likely include a round-trip flight to Chicago for $166, to New York City for $217, and to Las Vegas for $193. Families hoping to make it to Disney World this year should note that a round-trip flight to Orlando will average $172. Check out the full list of Hopper’s predicted flight deals here.