Did your favorite make the list?

By Talia Avakian
Updated October 19, 2016
Snapchat App Geofilers
Credit: Thomas Trutschel/Getty Images

This article originally appeared on TravelandLeisure.com.

Travelers using Snapchat have the opportunity to collect something way cheaper than souvenirs: geofilters. Whether they’re ready-made or design-your-own, these digital transparent overlays provide fun context for your photos—and, when screen-shotted, something to remember your time traveling.

Below, some of our favorite Snapchat geofilters from across the United States.

Geofilter for Austin, Texas

Geofilter for Iowa

Geofilter for Hayward, Wisconsin

Geofilter for Soho in New York City, New York

Geofilter for the Niagara Falls

Geofilter for Tucson, Arizona

Geofilter for Downtown Florence, South Carolina

Geofilter for Del Mar, California

Geofilter for the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri

Geofilter of Lands End in San Francisco, California

Geofilter for Louisville, Kentucky

Geofilter of Alamo Square’s “postcard row” in San Francisco, California

Geofilter of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, California

Geofilter of Mission Santa Clara de Asís in Santa Clara, California

Geofilter of Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois

Geofilter for Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island

Geofilter for Chicago, Illinois

Geofilter for the village of Lawrence in New York

Geofilter of the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir temple complex in Chino Hills, California

Geofilter for Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California

Geofilter for the town of New Canaan in Connecticut

Geofilter for Frostburg, Maryland

Geofilter for Culver City, California

Geofilter for downtown Phoenix, Arizona

Geofilter for AT&T Park in San Francisco, California

Geofilter for Hollis Hills, New York

Geofilter for West Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California

Geofilter for New York's Theater District

Geofilter for Yellowstone National Park

Geofilter for the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Geofilter for Houston, Texas