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By Erika Owen
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We staunchly stand behind anything involving a spontaneous vacation, especially a company that offers it as a perk to employees.

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With Americans generally leaving vacation days unused at the end of each year, we can all use as much help as possible getting out there and exploring the world.

The Motley Fool—a multimedia financial services firm based in Alexandria, Virginia—chooses an employee name out of a hat during a monthly company meeting. The lucky person has to take a two-week vacation before the next monthly meeting with no company contact during said trip. Oh, and they get $1,500 to enjoy on their getaway.

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They call the program “Fool’s Errand.” The number of times a person’s name is entered in the hat correlates to how many years they’ve spent working at the company.

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There’s also a perk for business: company leads use their employees vacations to tell where any process failures may present themselves. In other words, if there’s only one person who knows how to do a certain task, they’re going to find out very quickly once that person takes off on a spontaneous getaway.