These items will make your trip easy, comfortable, and fun.

By Christina Butan
Updated February 13, 2019

Planning a road trip can be super fun, but it isn’t as easy as it seems, especially if you’ll be on the road for a while. You have to take everything—and everyone—into consideration, which means thinking about all the little details, from packing the right foods to making sure both the driver and riders are comfortable. Whether you’re traveling with kids or not, you’ll want to make sure everyone is sufficiently entertained with whatever they need so the long drive is bearable.

To make things easier for you, we rounded up exactly what you’ll need to pack for your road trip, including games, motion sickness remedies, and adjustable travel pillows.

We love this memory foam travel pillow because it’s totally customizable: You can twist it into almost any shape and position you want for maximum comfort. (Yes, there is finally an easy and comfortable solution to resting your head on the car window.) Plus, it has a snap closure, so it can easily be attached to bags.

To buy: $25;

Arguably one of the most important parts of road-trip entertainment is making sure everybody’s phones and devices are fully charged. This Anker car charger comes with five USB ports, which means all electronics should be safe from running out of battery.

To buy: $16;

Instead of buying several water bottles during your road trip, you can save the hassle (and plastic) by using this insulated 64-ounce water bottle. Its large size should keep you hydrated for a while before you need to refill it, and it will keep drinks at your desired temperature for the entire trip.

To buy: $33;

This car trash can is definitely a must-have car essential. Simply strap it to one of the backseats and you’ll have a place to put all your trash, instead of letting snack bags begin to pile up. It’s leak-proof, waterproof, and multi-purpose—you can use it as a cooler, too!

To buy: $18;

Soft, cozy, and compact, this lightweight microfleece blanket is perfect for taking a catnap on the road. It’s small enough to pack but large enough to cover you up, and will definitely keep you warm.

To buy: $10;

These lunch containers are great for travel: They’re leak-proof (super important!) and have two separate compartments, so you don’t have to mix any food or snacks that may be wet and dry. You also have the option of removing the layering plate to use it as one large container.

To buy: $13;

When screen time just isn’t enough, it’s time to pull out Games on the Go. This handy (and super compact) portable game collection comes with 50 games and activities, including guessing games, word games, memory challenges, trivia, searching games and more. Plus, the games are meant to keep everyone entertained, from kids to adults.

To buy: $9;

Sitting for a long time can be uncomfortable, especially when you don’t have access to a bathroom other than your pit stops. These Kleenex wet wipes are great for using on your face when you need a refresh, or when you need to wipe away any dirt or grease from your hands.

To buy: $5;

Sometimes, you don’t think you get motion sick until you’re stuck in a car for 12 hours. These small, herbal patches are super useful to have on hand just in case, and will work wonders for those on the trip who do get motion sick easily. Just stick one on behind your ear or on your stomach 10 minutes before traveling, and you’re good to go.

To buy: $11;