6 Summer Travel Accessories

Planning a getaway? Pick up these six modern-day essentials before you hop on the next plane, train or bus.


F1 Molded Eye Mask & Travel Blanket Set


Compact enough to stash in a carry-on, this comfy duo will help you rest easy next time you are sky high. The cupped eye mask won’t put undue pressure on your baby blues.

To buy: $46, flight001.com.

Photo by flight001.com



Charging on the go has never been easier: This sleek silver gadget juices up your device ultra-fast. The flip-out wall prongs make it easy to soak up more power when near an outlet.

To buy: $130, mycharge.com.

Photo by mycharge.com

Ostrichpillow Light Reversible


Gone are the days of attempting to transform the tray table into a somewhat comfortable sleep spot. Slip this cushiony headpiece over your eyes to block out light and use its padded sides as a pillow against the plane window or seatback.

To buy: $45, studiobananathings.com.

Photo by studiobananathings.com


Woodstock Backpack


Equipped with adjustable dividers and a myriad of pockets, this roomy (yet lightweight) backpack can adapt to fit all of your traveling necessities. Use it as a camera case, diaper bag, or everyday handbag.

To buy: $229, store.kellymoorebag.com.

Photo by store.kellymoorebag.com

Headphone Splitter


Watch a movie with your seatmate and share the sound using this headphone splitter. Individual volume controls will allow each user to adjust the audio to their preferred level.

To buy: $4, jet.com.

Photo by jet.com

Bluesmart Carry-On Suitcase


Have a fear of losing your luggage? Then splurging on this smart suitcase just might be the solution. It has a GPS tracker built in so you can monitor exactly where it is at all times and even has a built in USB port to revive depleted electronics.

To buy: $449, momastore.org.

Photo by momastore.org