Smart, quick, and simple solutions to common irritations on the beach.

By Real Simple
Updated June 15, 2010
John Lawton

The Fastest Way to Windproof a Beach Towel

Prefer to read your beach read as opposed to using it as a towel anchor? Try this smarter stay-put strategy: Stake your towel with metal grilling skewers. Pierce each corner, then push down. (The skewer makes a tiny hole, so stick with your older towels for this.)

The Fastest Way to Remove Sticky Sand From Your Body

Two words: baby powder. Shake a little on the affected areas and it will absorb any residual body moisture, meaning those pesky grains won’t have anything left to cling to.

The Fastest Way to Get Comfortable on Coarse (or Wet) Sand

For a different kind of sun salutation, soak up rays on a yoga mat. It’s padded enough to offer some cushioning against rougher terrain, and the nonslip, waterproof surface means you won’t have to worry about dampness.