We can't wait to lay in the grass on a beautiful day with this blanket.

By Christina Butan
Updated April 03, 2019
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JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket
Credit: amazon.com

Summer is all about spontaneous trips. You could wake up one day with no plans and end up on the beach with friends, or you could go out to run some errands and decide to have an impromptu picnic in the park instead. But wherever you go, chances are that you’ll be lounging outdoors in the sand or grass—which is why it’s essential to have this convenient JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket ($23-$32; amazon.com) on hand for wherever the day takes you.

The portable outdoor blanket is loved by tons of Amazon shoppers—in fact, over 1,000 customers have left it raving five-star reviews thanks to its durability and handy features. The blanket is water-resistant, wipes clean easily, and can be compactly folded into a little pouch with a carrying handle so it’s easy to bring on the go. It measures five-by-five feet when opened completely, and comes in several cute pattern and color options. Shoppers say it lasts a long time and keeps them dry in damp grass, and that it’s actually waterproof and super roomy.

“I LOVE THIS THING SO MUCH! I've been using this every day for months. The first day I used it, my friend spilled soda on it, but we just lifted up the blanket and the liquid slid right off,” one customer wrote. “I take this hiking with me—despite using it on damp, rocky, sandy ground, it keeps me totally dry. It's got at least two layers so that gives it more cushion than if you just put down a tarp, waterproof tablecloth, or thin towel. The material itself is like a soft nylon, it's great for laying out on because it's very breathable and doesn't stick to your skin. I love bragging to my friends that I got this for only 25 bucks… I get enough use out of this that I'd pay $50 without regretting it. One of my best purchases of the year, no doubt about it.”

JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket
Credit: amazon.com

To buy: $23-$32; amazon.com.

Another shopper has been using the JJ Cole blanket for over seven years, and says it’s been reliable through all four of her pregnancies. “I had a JJ Cole picnic blanket that I bought almost SEVEN years ago with my first baby and it finally went caput because my second daughter tore a small hole in it. It was faded, but it was still kickin,” she wrote. “[Then I] bought a cheaper one—terrible mistake! So now I've gotten this one again and I couldn't be happier. Laying on it with my now fourth baby, and three kids plus me fit just fine. We are in love with this blanket. Five stars for certain!”

The JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket is not only the perfect size to keep stashed in your car or travel bag, but it’s also guaranteed to help you create tons of fun summer memories. Grab one now before the warmer weather (and spontaneous beach trips) sneak up on you!