This first-class kit will keep you traveling in style.

By Abbie Kozolchyk
Updated May 13, 2008
Burcu Avsar

If your typical toiletry tote is a repurposed Kroger bag, it's time to upgrade: Sephora's plastic-coated case ($48, has first-class looks and as many amenities as a luxury hotel.

Features, from top to bottom:


Hang the bag on the bathroom door for easy access to what you need and to keep the sink top clutter-free.

Mesh Pockets

The perfect places to stash small necessities, like makeup brushes, tissues, adhesive bandages, and hair elastics.


Pull it off―it's attached to the bag with Velcro. Now slip it into your bag, pocket, or even wallet (yes, it's that flat) for midsightseeing touch-ups.

Zippered Pouch

Padded compartments (three inside, one outside) zip shut to protect makeup com-pacts and single-serving skin-care packets.

Detachable Case

A Velcro-backed mini bag has just enough room for any cosmetic companions you would want on a day away from your hotel.

Oversize Pocket

Large enough to accommodate bigger essentials (key if you'll be on the road for more than a few days), plus tools such as brushes and combs.