3 Travel Bloggers’ Top Packing Tips

Three style-savvy globe-trotters share their travel essentials—and the best way to pack them.



Photo by travnikovstudio/Getty Images

Bri Emery, a creative director and the founder of designlovefest.com, finds frequent inspiration in tropical locales.

Key Pieces

I rely on things that are dual-purpose: dresses I can toss over a swimsuit and wear to dinner, a pair of sandals that works from day to night, and a straw bag I can use as a beach tote or take into town.

Packing Strategy

Lay everything out before it goes into your bag. Otherwise you’ll lose track and end up with too much (or forget a necessity). Remember: Less is more. Your bag will be lighter and easier to repack if you edit.

Pro Tip

Don’t bring too many shoes—you won’t need them at the beach!



An N.Y.C. resident, Emma Tuccillo started her travel guide andnorth.com after being inspired by her weekend escapes to rural upstate New York.

Key Pieces

A staple skirt or pants that work with different tops, depending on the weather, are important, plus a pair of Keds—you can wear them with anything, and if they get wet, they’ll dry quickly.

Packing Strategy

For my weekend trips, I bring only what I can fit in my backpack. To maximize space, I roll my clothes and wear the bulkiest items if possible.

Pro Tip

Dirt paths can be tricky to navigate with a suitcase, but you can take a backpack anywhere.



Writer Oneika Raymond chronicles her wanderlust (she’s visited more than 95 countries!) at oneikathetraveller.com.

Key Pieces

I always bring three pairs of shoes for urban exploring: sneakers for walking; a versatile, dressier option; and flip-flops for the hotel (especially if it has a pool). Another must-have: a day-to-night little black dress.

Packing Strategy

Use a “nesting” approach. I roll my clothes, then stuff smaller things, like socks, underwear, and accessories, into larger items, like shoes.

Pro Tip

Don’t think in terms of individual outfits. Instead, stick to a color scheme, like black-and-white with pops of color. You can mix and match to get more out of fewer pieces.