Instagrammable + awesome taste = an out of this world beverage. 

By Liz Steelman
Updated June 02, 2017
Disney World Vacation Tips
Credit: Dan Anderson/Getty Images

If you’re an avid Disney fan, you might want to add a new drink to your “must-try” list on your next trip to Disney World. A wildly fluorescent green, pink, and orange drink available from the Pongu Pongu Lounge in Pandora: The World of Avatar land has been taking Instagram by storm, since the all-new land opened up in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom park earlier this month.

According to the lounge’s menu, the Night Blossom is a “mixture of limeade with apple and desert pear flavors topped with passion fruit boba balls,” and is available for $6. You can also get the fluorescent drink served in a souvenir mug with glowing “Unadelta Seed,” which describes as a clip-on light that illuminates the cup, for $15. Want to make your Night Blossom boozy? The price jumps to $18.25 for the drink, the souvenir mug, and the unadelta seed light.

Those who have tried the drink describe it as sweet and tangy. Some have compared it to the Violet Lemonade, another Disney foodie-favorite that’s been available for the past few years as part of the International Flower and Garden Festival that takes place at Epcot from the beginning of March to the end of May.

For those looking for something less colorful, there’s also the Mo’ara Margarita. Though it’s more monochromatic (and less photogenic) than the Night Blossom, the margarita still features a highly flavorful burst of strawberry and blood orange flavors. It’s also topped with boba balls (these are strawberry flavored) and features Sauza Conmemorativo Anejo Tequila. Get it in a plastic cup for $9.25, or in a souvenir mug (with the glowing Unadelta Seed) for $18.25.

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