It's safe to say people in these cities love love.

Seattle Sunset
Credit: James Anderson/Getty Images

If you live in Alexandria, Virginia, chances are you're a hopeless romantic—well, at least according to The site just announced their annual list of the Top 20 Most Romantic Cities in the U.S., with Alexandria at number one. The rankings were based on sales data in cities with more than 100,000 residents. looked at the purchases of romance novels and relationship books (both print and e-book versions), romantic comedies, certain romantic songs (by artists like Barry White and Luther Vandross), and sexual wellness products.

The list reveals that Knoxville, Tenn., stills holds onto its place in the top three, where it’s been for the past five years in a row. However, Washington state is making a strong showing with four cities on the list. Las Vegas, Nevada, didn’t make the cut this year, even though it was recently named the second best city to get married in, as reported in a different study. Miami, Florida, has remained on the list for eight years in a row—and it’s the city with the most purchases of sexual wellness products.

See the full list below:
1. Alexandria, Virginia
2. Miami, Florida
3. Knoxville, Tennessee
4. Orlando, Florida
5. Vancouver, Washington
6. Cincinnati, Ohio
7. Columbia, South Carolina
8. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
9. Round Rock, Texas
10. Ann Arbor, Michigan
11. Atlanta, Georgia
12. Salt Lake City, Utah
13. Scottsdale, Arizona
14. Everett, Washington
15. Gainesville, Florida
16. Seattle, Washington
17. Wilmington, North Carolina
18. Rochester, New York
19. Dayton, Ohio
20. Bellevue, Washington