The popular brand just opened a coffee shop in Milan.

Michele Morosi/Moleskine

It’s no secret that Moleskine notebooks have a cult-like following. People all over the world use these notebooks for sketching, note taking, and more. Now, diehard fans might want to add Milan to their bucket lists. The company just opened The Moleskine Café in the Italian city’s Brera Design District.

Part-café, art gallery, store, and library, the design is what you would expect: bright and airy, with clean lines and modern furniture. Along with cups of coffee from Milan-based roasters Sevengrams, visitors will have the opportunity to purchase beans in Moleskine packaging. There are also gourmet sandwiches, soups, salads, and breakfast options—perfect for a morning or afternoon spent sketching or brainstorming. And of course, there will be plenty of Moleskine notebooks, pens, and bags and cases for sale in-store, too.

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The space has plenty of room for lounging, but the café is also set to be a gathering place for guest speakers, exhibitions, and seminars—a “contemporary interpretation” of the café littéraire, where French thinkers would gather for discussions. The company plans to open similar coffee shops in other cities in the future.

Take a look at more photos below:

moleskine cafe interior
moleskine cafe seating
moleskine cafe coffee