It opens this September.

Start booking your tickets to Billund, Denmark for this fall. The LEGO House is set to open in the toy company’s hometown on September 28th, and it’s going to be the experience of a lifetime for fans of all ages.

There’s plenty to explore inside the 12,000-square-meter building (approximately 130,000 square feet), including a public square, exhibitions, three restaurants, a conference center, a LEGO shop, and rooftop terraces. The house, designed by world-famous architect Bjarke Ingels, looks like it was made out of the toy bricks, with 21 white bricks stacked on top of each other and a keystone at the top of the building that has the same dimensions as a 2-by-4 LEGO brick (complete with the iconic dots on top).

While you won’t need a ticket to dine at one of the restaurants or visit the shop, you’ll need to purchase tickets for the “Experience Zones,” which are separated by color. The Red Zone is for building cool structures—it has “bottomless” pools of LEGO bricks. The Yellow Zone is all about emotions, with visitors getting the opportunity to create a LEGO fish, critter, or flower. Next up is the Blue Zone, which is based on logic and problem solving—guests will interact with robots, cityscapes, cars, and trains. And lastly, visitors can test their communication skills in the Green Zone by directing a movie, exploring new places around the world through different vignettes, and customizing their own LEGO figurines.

Included in the ticket price is admission to the Masterpiece Gallery, which will showcase works from LEGO fans around the world, and the History Collection, a place to learn more about the beginnings of the toy company. The company suggests you buy your tickets in advance online—when you purchase your tickets, you can choose the date and time of your arrival. Tickets for adults and children are 199 DKK (about $32), but children two and under can enter for free.

“We built LEGO House so our fans of all ages can have the ultimate LEGO experience all year round,” Jesper Vilstrup, general manager of LEGO House told Real Simple. “Children and adults alike are invited to come explore their creativity in a series of experiences where we have used the idea of fun, play, and learning to celebrate the endless possibilities of the LEGO brick.”