Because we've all been there, either as a passenger or as a parent.

Baby on Plane
Credit: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

For anyone who’s ever been stressed out by a crying baby on a flight—whether you’re a parent trying to avoid death glares from fellow passengers, or a passenger just trying to get some shut-eye on a cross-country flight—you know it can be a tense situation on both sides.

In honor of Mother’s Day, JetBlue sought to find a solution that would make both sides happy. The airline released a new video, "Flybabies," in which five moms and their babies boarded a cross-country flight. Upon boarding, they got the normal looks (or glares) from fellow passengers, hoping that a crying baby wouldn’t be sitting near them. But this trip was different: the flight attendant announced that for every time a baby cried, everyone on the plane would get 25% off their next airfare; so if four babies cried, passengers would get a free plane ticket. That’s definitely something to cheer about.

Although JetBlue isn’t offering this as a promotion on all flights, the company hopes the video promotes understanding of crying babies and their parents on flights. The video ends with the statement, “Next time, smile at a baby for crying out loud. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Watch the video below: