It’s completely covered in ice.

By Sarah Yang
Updated March 13, 2017
Frozen Lake
DebraLee Wiseberg
| Credit: Debra Lee Wiseberg/Getty Images

It turns out you don’t have to leave the country to experience what it’s like to live in Narnia or Frozen’s Arendelle. All you have to do is head to upstate New York—specifically the town of Webster, which is located outside of Rochester. Last week and over the weekend, the area got plenty of snow and freezing wind. The crazy winds have left some residents in the dark without power.

While the weather has been unrelenting, Mother Nature has created some incredible sights. Photographer John Kucko captured one house that was completely encased in ice—and it’s become an Internet sensation. The home, located on the shore of Lake Ontario, looks like a real-life ice house (complete with layers upon layers of icicles).

Although many people who’ve seen the photo have questioned whether Kucko sprayed foam on the house, or Photoshopped the picture, he says it’s 100 percent real and all the work of freezing, high winds off the lake. Kucko wrote on his Facebook page, “Our area here in WNY [Western New York] was pummeled by violent wind the last few days, over 160,000 lost power—some still don’t have it.”

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In Kucko’s photos and videos, the whole house looks to be covered in ice, including the front deck, which overlooks the lake. He also posted a photo of the house next door, with its porch completely covered in ice as well.

Luckily, no one lives in the ice house—Kucko told CNN that “the property is actually a remote beach house that sits 25 feet or so from the shore of Lake Ontario.”