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Best Time for Cheap Airfare Months
Credit: Simon Bond/Getty Images

This article originally appeared on TravelandLeisure.com.

If you’re not already planning to travel in January, you may want to reconsider.

That’s the month that offers the best flight prices of the year, according to airfare prediction service Hopper, with rates after the holidays dropping to an average of $211 for domestic round-trip flights.

The company analyzed flight search data for each origin and destination point in the U.S., comparing the prices of available tickets by month. Hopper predicts that airfare will be 3 percent higher for the month of November due to seasonal holiday travel, with customers paying a premium of 42 percent for Thanksgiving flights.

Domestic airfare averages $220 in November for dates other than Thanksgiving travel, and will bottom out again in January to offer travelers low price deals.

Here are average prices for the next six months, according to Hopper:

  • November: $220
  • December: $215
  • January: $211
  • February: $221
  • March: $227
  • April: $233

They also found that average prices for the overall year were up 1 percent compared to last year, but are as much as 14 percent lower than prices two years ago.

Curious to see how your state ranks in airfare prices compared to the national average?

Hopper also has an interactive Consumer Airfare Index map you can use to see the cheapest and most expensive flight price averages, from as low as $171 in Oregon to as high as $516 in North Dakota.