This magical English river cruise costs all the gold in Gringotts—but we can dream!

By Marisa Cohen
Updated January 17, 2018
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Magna Carta cruise
Credit: Barge Lady Cruises

Start saving up those Galleons, Potter fans: An American-based travel company called Barge Ladies has announced the debut next summer of a Harry Potter Magic Cruise down the Thames river, and it’s everything you would ever conjure up if you could just accio your absolute dream vacay.

First of all, you get the entire boat when you book. That’s right, no annoying strangers grabbing for the last scone at breakfast or knocking you over to take a selfie with that guy who looks just like Hagrid. Nope, when you book this six-day cruise, you get the entire Magna Carta river barge, which sleeps up to 8 passengers in 4 rooms—so bring along all the witches and wizards in your family.

The barge comes with a crew of six, who will take care of your every wizardly whim, including a gourmet chef to prepare all your Hogwarts-inspired meals, tea and scones, and champagne receptions (no word on whether there are any house elves hiding below deck to help him out). There is also an open bar, a hot tub on deck, nightly screenings of all the Harry Potter movies, and wands for everyone, of course.

But the most magical thing about this cruise is the itinerary. As you leisurely float through the English countryside, you’ll stop at Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace, which are nice if you like grandeur and real-life royalty, but the real excitement comes when you make these stops:

  • Virginia Water, the lush setting where Harry first meets Buckbeak in Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Picket Post Close, which masqueraded as 4 Privet Drive, the home of Harry’s muggle relatives the Dursleys
  • Warner Brothers Studios, where you’ll get to see sets, costumes, and props from all the movies
  • The Great Hall at Oxford’s Christ Church College, which you’ll recognize as the majestic dining hall at Hogwarts

Ready to book? Well, there’s just one catch. The barge is yours for an all-inclusive price of around $36,000.

Yep, we know. Nice to dream though, isn’t it? Well, at least you know what to wish for next time you wave that magic wand.