These hilarious memes show what it’s really like to hit the open road with the family.

By Real Simple
Updated April 23, 2018

When you head out on a road trip with a car full of kids (or heck, even just one), you can never predict what’s going to happen—except that there are sure to be a few squabbles mixed in with the good memories. But those moments are usually the ones that we look back on and laugh at, and they definitely make for funny road trip memes. Whether you’ve taken one cross-country road trip or a dozen, we have a feeling you'll identify with these hilarious memes.

Everybody out of the car! The next rest stop isn't for hours.

Laugh silently, you don't want to encourage them!

We will leave without you. (Empty threat maybe, but it will work at least the first few times.)

It's 9 p.m. somewhere—and you're going to bed now.

If only moms could grow a few more arms.

Can you guys just look for cool license plates? I'm a little busy.

Suddenly having kids in diapers again doesn't sound so bad.

Early Madonna never gets old.

Obviously it's the radio-friendly version.

Parallel parking is cake compared to merging onto a highway with a screaming toddler.

This is a road trip, kids! The drive is part of the experience.

Wait, they haven't eaten cheddar crackers since…last summer!?!