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Famous Landmarks With Paper Cutouts
Credit: Rich McCor

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There’s no shortage of pictures of Big Ben, the Arc de Triomphe, or the Statue of Liberty. The landmarks are some of the most photographed in the world.

But photographer Rich McCor put a new spin on the classic snapshots — with paper cutouts.

“My first idea was using a cutout to transform Big Ben into a wristwatch,” he wrote in a blog post. “I then took photos of St. Pauls, the London Eye and Trafalgar Square and whilst I was doing this, I would post them on my Instagram alongside a quirky fact I’d picked up about the landmark.”

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His Instagram following grew as he began to expand beyond London. He now boasts more than 160,000 followers and has used cutouts in spots like New York, Stockholm, and Las Vegas.

Check out some of the whimsical snaps.