Plan a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to make your own wine, become an Iron Chef, and more.

 Greg Kessler

Swing From a Trapeze at Camp Winnarainbow

What to expect: A six-day stay in Mendocino County, California, that's colorful in every way. Activities range from clowning classes to stilt-walking lessons to rides on a 350-foot waterslide. Rub elbows with fellow Bozos-in-training at three daily meals and in shared tepees; all included in the $650 price.
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Ride a Bull at Arizona Cowboy College

What to expect: Two days of clinics on saddling, riding, and safety at the Lorill Equestrian Center, in Scottsdale, Arizona, followed by four days working beside cowboys (and four nights sleeping under the stars). Runs $2,250, including meals and lodging.
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Peel Out in a Race Car at Richard Petty Driving Experience

What to expect: Three 10-lap driving sessions. You'll start slow and increase speed in your own NASCAR-style stock car, as an instructor drives close by. The $1,299 to $2,199 course is available at 15 tracks in the United States.
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Record a Demo at Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp

What to expect: Three to five days of small-group instruction led by a celebrity musician (past instructors include Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and Slash of Guns 'N' Roses). You'll write and perform an original song, rehearse at a professional studio, and compete in a Battle of the Bands. Cost varies.
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Make Your Own Wine at Crushpad

What to expect: Following a batch of West Coast grapes from growth to goblet. You sort the bunches after they've been harvested, participate in pressing the fruit, and help design labels for the bottles. You'll receive the finished wine in 6 to 24 months and pay $6,000 (and up) per barrel.
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Train Like an Astronaut at Space Camp's Advanced Space Academy for Adults

What to expect: A week of access to equipment at Space Camp, in Huntsville, Alabama―jet simulators, a 3G centrifuge, and a one-sixth-gravity trainer for simulating moon strolls. $999, all-inclusive.
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Dance the Days Away at Ballroom Vermont

What to expect: Five and a half days of group lessons in a resort in West Dover. Come alone or with a partner and tackle the tango, swing dancing, and more. On the last evening, you can perform in a group routine. From $1,649.
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Become an Iron Chef at New Orleans Cooking Experience

What to expect: Four days of total immersion in Creole and Cajun cooking, starting with dinner at local favorite Brigtsen's and continuing with classes taught by notable New Orleans chefs ($365 for the classes).
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