Airbnb's booking experts predict these will be the most popular fall vacation destinations come autumn.

By Rachel Sylvester
Updated August 21, 2019

September is nearly upon us, and with falling temperatures comes the prospect of fall vacations. Even if summer doesn't technically come to an end until September 23, now is as good a time as any to pack your bags. If you're hoping to plan an unforgettable autumnal getaway, Airbnb has the booking data to help determine your next vacation.

In a new internal Airbnb study that analyzed annual growth bookings, the popular lodging marketplace reveals 10 locales that experienced a notable spike in on-site searches. The report details far-flung destinations that range from Germany to Japan, and the list of locales is enough to spark a sense of wanderlust in world travelers and homebodies alike.

The data reveals that travelers are flocking to lesser-known destinations to experience annual marquee events like Oktoberfest. It also shows that heavily trafficked scenic destinations, like Switzerland and Austria, will continue to trend into the fall as the summer crowds begin to thin.

For U.S. travelers looking to leave their passports at home, the Carolinas are among the top trending states, thanks in part to their proximity to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Two Mexican cities cracked the top 10 as well, along with a trending Canadian destination revered for its fall foliage. (Perfect for a seasonal photo-op.)

Curious to see where tourists will be flocking to this fall? Below is Airbnb's definitive ranking of the top-trending locations for an unforgettable fall vacation:

1. Regina, Canada (up 328%)

2. Beatenberg, Switzerland (up 312%)

3. Beppu, Japan (up 288%)

4. Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico (up 279%)

5. Culebra, Puerto Rico (up 250%)

6. Tepoztlán, Mexico (up 250%)

7. Halle, Germany (up 248%)

8. Anderson, South Carolina (up 247%)

9. Pinehurst, North Carolina (up 243%)

10. Obertraun, Austria (up 232%)

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