We're highly considering a move down South. 

By Grace Elkus
Updated July 16, 2015
Line of traffic on highway
Credit: Image Source/Getty Images

Between maintenance costs, poor road quality, and hours spent in traffic, going on a leisurely drive now sounds more humorous than idyllic. In fact, many of us are on the road about 200 hours each year, according to one survey. Those hours spent in rush hour aren't just a time suck, either: traffic congestion robs the average household of an estimated $1,700 annually.

But not all cities are as rage-inducing as others. WalletHub recently released their list of the Best and Worst Cities to be a Driver for 2015, which ranks the 100 most populated U.S. cities by cost, traffic and road conditions, safety, and driver and car wellness. Cities with large populations—New York, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and San Francisco—tended to rank the worst, while Lubbock and Corpus Christi in Texas were identified as the best cities to be a driver.

Each of the four key categories included relevant metrics, such as gas prices, annual traffic delays, and rates of car theft. While California cities filled the top five slots for the highest average annual hours of traffic delays, most categories saw variation between states. See below for the 10 worst cities and the 5 best, then check the full list to find out where your city ranks.

10 Worst Cities

1. New York, NY
2. Washington, DC
3. Philadelphia, PA
4. San Francisco, CA
5. Detroit, MI
6. Newark, NJ
7. Boston, MA
8. Chicago, IL
9. Baltimore, MD
10. Los Angeles, CA

5 Best Cities

1. Lubbock, TX
2. Corpus Christi, TX
3. Lincoln, NE
4. Greensboro, NC
5. Tucson, AZ