Whether you’re visiting family for the holidays or jet setting while you have some time off of work, here are tricks Real Simple editors swear by when hitting the road.

By Real Simple
Updated November 14, 2016
Jasper James / Getty Images
Jasper James / Getty Images


“As you run out the door, grab any fruits or veggies in your fridge, especially carrots and apples. You may not think you want to snack on that now, but once you’re up in the air cut off from anything unprocessed, that apple will be like manna from heaven.”
—Danielle Claro, Deputy Editor


“I never board a plane or go on a long road trip without my beloved face mist—Caudalie Beauty Elixir (in the travel-size bottle). I spray it on my skin mid-flight to hydrate, as soon as I land as a makeup refresher (don’t worry; it doesn’t mess it up), and in the morning after I wash my face to help me look and feel more awake (the spa-like scent always puts me in a good mood). The refreshing spritz contains grape extracts to brighten, rosemary and mint to tone, orange blossom water to soften, plus rose essential oil to soothe skin.”
—Heather Muir, Beauty Director


“I have found that asking for a glass of water and a glass of ice (instead of iced water) is a good way to get optimum amounts of H2O if you’re flying economy and forgot to bring your own water bottle!”
—Liz Steelman, Editorial Assistant, RealSimple.com


“This pillow is so much more comfortable than your typical neck pillow. When you’re not using it, you can squish it into your carry on backpack or purse pretty easily.”
—Brigitt Earley, Senior Editor, RealSimple.com


“I always pack those vacuum storage bags for dirty clothes—that way they’re separated from the clean ones and it’s easy to sort when you’re home and unpacking. Also, because they vacuum-pack, it frees up some space in your bag for whatever new things you’ve acquired in your travels.”
—Rebecca Daly, Senior Fashion Editor


“We once did a story where you take a binder clip and place it over a razor to keep it safe. I do it all the time!”
—Brian Madigan, Video Director


“I love traveling with my favorite cashmere shawl. It’s super cozy and I don’t have to worry about being cold while on a plane or train. It doesn’t take up too much room and I can fold it up and slip it into my suitcase when I’m not using it.”
—Victoria Sanchez Lincoln, Fashion Director


“I have a separate smaller wallet just for traveling. Before a big trip, I put cash, a credit card, and a license in that wallet. Easier to carry, easier to find what I need at the airport, and if something should happen, I won’t lose all of the gift cards, etc. that I usually keep in my wallet!”
—Sam Zabell, social media manager, RealSimple.com


“It’s all about a DRY trail mix—no spills or messy hands. Make a mix of toasted nuts, chopped dates, your favorite crunchy cereal, and something salty (like sesame sticks or tiny pretzel twists) and snack on it during layovers or long flights. It keeps forever and tempers hunger should you get stuck in Chicago or something.”
—Dawn Perry, Food Director


“For Christmas with kids specifically, I like to fly out early afternoon on Christmas day. That way I can do the Santa/open gifts with the kids in the morning to avoid schlepping or shipping gifts. Plus we get cheaper fares when we fly on Christmas day!”
—Casey Stenger, Photo Director


“Something I do to get excited for my trip is listening to the same song every take off. Personally, I listen to ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC, but you can choose whatever gets you pumped!”
—Hannah Norling, Assistant Producer, RealSimple.com


“For any screaming or antsy kids (and for myself!), I always have Dum Dums lollipops in my bag! It also helps to have games on hand. Mad Libs and Hangman are tried and true.”
—Lori Seto, Reader-Service Editor