We took a look at the so-called “world’s best travel jacket” to see what it had to offer.

By Stephanie Sisco
Updated June 28, 2016
BAUBAX travel jacket
Credit: ebags.com

When the company that created one of the top-funded projects on Kickstarter announces a new product, we pay attention. Baubax broke records in 2015 when it raised more than $9 million dollars on the crowd-funding website for its high-tech travel jacket. The jacket that was first launched through the campaign featured 15 travel-friendly features, including a built-in neck pillow, a tangle-free earphone holder, a pen/stylus, and fingerless gloves attached to the sleeves.

Today, the company is launching a campaign for their next phase: wireless charging apparel. Yes, now your clothes and accessories (pants, shorts, jackets, writstlets, and wallets) can charge your devices on the go. Using a relatively small battery bank, the 12 new items in the collection will wirelessly charge your smartphone, smart watch, or Bluetooth headphones. Oh, and the clothes are machine washable—technology after our own heart.

To help fund the Kickstarter, go to the company's "calculator" page and select which items you want. You'll get a total purchase price, which is also your pledge amount. Enter the price on the campaign page and you'll get to choose your specific colors, sizes, and styles in September. Prices start at $15 for a pocket blanket and go up to $169 for a bomber jacket. The estimated delivery date for these items is January 2017.