The planet’s best places for a pick-me-up.

By Melissa Locker

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Traveling means jet lag and jet lag means coffee (at least for many of us caffeine addicts). Luckily, you don’t have to be anywhere near a Starbucks or Portland, Seattle to get your fix.

In fact, coffee shops across the planet are jumping on the craft coffee bandwagon, attracting award-winning baristas and sourcing local or sustainably grown beans. Some are even growing and roasting them on-site. These are the shops that are home to the best baristas in the world, who roast their own beans, and occasionally grow them, too.

For aficionados who can detect the differences between coffees originating from Guatemala (floral and fruity) or Indonesia (woody, earthy, chocolaty) or differentiate between an ice drip or a Chemex brew, these respected and cutting edge cafes are worthy of a pilgrimage.

And even if you’re just passing through and need a boost, don’t settle. These are the top coffee shops on the planet.

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