Hotwire predicts which busy weekends will actually have some of the lowest rates this year—and how to snag them.

By Maggie Seaver
Updated January 27, 2020
Credit: Getty Images

If travel and hotel prices are holding you back from taking a weekend getaway (or two) in 2020, there’s good news. Travel booking site crunched some numbers and found the best weekends for low travel rates in 2020—and a few of them are surprisingly high-traffic holiday weekends.

Looking back at the best hotel rates from 2019, Hotwire was able to forecast that the most affordable weekends for a getaway include many holiday weekends and long weekends, including Easter weekend, Fourth of July weekend, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day weekends, Labor Day weekend, and even post-Thanksgiving weekend.

With the rise of the mini getaway, dubbed the “microcation,” still going strong, a lot of travelers are looking for convenient and creative ways to plan more trips without blowing their budget or using up too many vacation days.

“Microcations, or what we call two- to three-night ‘quickie’ getaways, continue to be a trend in the new year,” says Hotwire brand director Melissa Postier, according to the company’s blog post reporting the insights.

“Our data shows that travelers can actually snag the lowest prices during the busiest travel weekend of the month,” Postier says. “[Those] kinds of unexpected deals [are] the perfect way to get in an extra trip, or score a luxury hotel for the occasion—peak times and off-seasons included.”

For surprisingly budget-friendly rates, consider taking a mini vacation over one of these weekends this year:

  • January 31–February 2
  • February 28–March 1
  • April 10–12
  • May 8–10
  • June 19–21
  • July 3–5
  • August 21–23
  • September 4–6
  • October 30–November 1
  • November 27–29
  • December 18–20